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Monday, March 11, 2013

Artist Making Waves: Caveman - "In the City" and "Over My Head" [indie pop / psychedelic dream pop / indie rock]

Brooklyn's mellow indie rock band Caveman self-released my favorite album of 2011 called Coco Beware and now they've joined Fat Possum Records, who will put out their sophomore self-titled album April 2. I immediately fell in love with Caveman's music for their dream pop guitars, chamber pop vocal harmonies, hazy synth leads, and tribal-like drum patterns.

In the past month they have released two singles from the new album that prove that they've stayed true to that sound found on their debut but developed a more expansive presence. The vocals are noticeably enhanced and the synths have taken more of a key role in the tracks. Caveman's range from slower, hazier songs to more percussion-driven melodic pop songs is accurately exemplified between these two great singles. Take a listen below and look out for the album release April 2.

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