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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Rolled In: Hebronix (ex-Yuck) - "Unreal" [indie rock / slowcore]

One week after hearing the upsetting news that London-based Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg (sitting on the bike above) has decided to leave his outstanding 90s indie rock revival band "to focus on other things", our chins are lifted (or possibly left in the 'shoegazing' position) by the Yuck-y sounds of his new "thing", Hebronix.

Blumberg's new music sounds an awful lot like Yuck but with the slower tendencies of his piano-based solo project Oupa. While the remaining 3 members of Yuck are still set to record their second LP without Blumberg, ATP Recordings will release Hebronix's debut effort Unreal July 8, which is produced by Neil Hagerty (pictured with Blumberg above) of Royal Trux/Howling Hex fame. Appropriately, Hebronix and fellow slowcore indie rockers Low have hooked up to play a handful of shows around the UK for the rest of April.

Listen to the eponymous single from Hebronix's debut Unreal  below followed by a song by Blumberg's former band Yuck and his other solo project Oupa. Pre-order Unreal here.

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