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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swell Album: Morningbell - Bôa Noite [indie rock / psychedelic / melodic rock]

Part of a music scene that is also home to great indie bands like Hundred Waters and Levek, Gainesville, Florida's indie rock veterans Morningbell have just released their sixth full length record entitled Bôa Noite. Like their other records, Bôa Noite was released independently thanks to their DIY spirit (not uncommon in Gainesville) and rejection of label support.

The first word that comes to mind while listening to this record is 'BIG'. Morningbell impressively mix in a multitude of instruments to make Bôa Noite an ever-expanding record that constantly changes course but all for the greater good of the listening experience. This dynamic album is definitely a traditional record in the sense that it doesn't have any single track that could represent it as a whole; it should be listened to front to back to really appreciate its sonic beauty.

Although generally an unclassifiable record due to its adventurousness, some bands that Bôa Noite's songs often recall are Broken Social Scene (for their cinematic indie rock), The Flaming Lips (for their psychedelia), and Sufjan Stevens (for his orchestral grandeur). However, Bôa Noite surely cannot be defined by its slight similarities to these artists. You'll have to listen for yourself to experience its soaring, contemplative songs featuring what seems to be every instrument available in a music store.

Stream the entire album below and purchase your own copy now at Morningbell's Bandcamp.

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